"Waffles are just pancakes....with ABS!"  -Llamma Gaming | Geeks Unleashed

"Waffles are just pancakes....with ABS!" -Llamma Gaming

1) What inspired you to start streaming?
I play video games so much, I hardly ever got out of the house! Soooo I guess streaming was my way of making new friends on the same vibes as me! Finding others that share the same love for Gaming as much as I do! I always look forward to the conversations people bring to the stream.

2) What was the first game you ever played? 

Ohh man Let me think! I'm pretty sure it was Asteroids. It was a simple game but soooo addicting! Then when Nintendo came out It was all over for me!

3) Who are some streamers that inspire you?

There are so many people that have influenced my stream its hard to choose. But for sure MaggieKarp shes a mood. Vibes with Ms. EmmaStunnaXoxo She has unlimited energy I've only dreamed of! LOL. Skill wise, For sure LuluLovley with her insane aimbot like skills! I swear she never misses! I know they are all females. LOL. They all stood out to me for their personality and are killing it! I'm Just sitting here taking notes! LOL

4) What is a funny story about you that is not very well known?

Well, you know how you shake someones hand? with your right, Right?....I actually use my left hand. I'm double jointed or something and I can grip and shake someones hand backwards. I started doing it when I was younger to see if anyone would notice. So far its been almost 15 years and only a handful have caught on. LMAO. I've done it at every job interview to they are to busy looking at my face saying nice to meet you that they cant even tell the difference!

5) What do you hope to accomplish with your stream?

The overall goal is to become partner of course. Immediate goals is to get that supporter button and build my numbers. I eventually want to stream full time and be able to work from home but I mainly do this just to have fun and meet some cool people!

6) What type of Gaming equipment do you use?

I Just recently upgraded to a beautiful Custom Geeks Unleashed PC.

Custom PC Specs: 

Motherboard: X570

CPU:AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

Cooling AIO CPU Liquid Cooler


RAM: 32GB (4 x 8GB)-3600

PSU: 700W

SSD: 1TB M.2

HDD: 2TB                                                                               

Mouse & Keyboard Steel Series Arctis 7 Headphones.

7) If you could have breakfast with three people in the gaming community who would it be and why?

Would be the ladies that inspired me most. EmmaStunna MaggieKarp an LuluLovely. So I can pick their brains for tips an tricks to grow as a streamer. Also they all seem like really amazing people!

8) Where can people go to watch your amazing content? 


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