We are not a "merch" company. We are a design studio and branding agency that uses clothing and websites as a canvas. We take your brand and elevate it to the next level. The best part is we are free to join!


We at Geeks Unleashed take pride in providing the highest quality of services to our partners, clients, and customers. Let’s go over WHY Geeks Unleashed is the only partnership you could ever need in your streaming career.

  • Access to over 300 unique custom made items to add your branding to
  • Access to an extremely talented design team to help cultivate and shape your brand
  • Access to our unique business partnership network to provide additional opportunities for your streaming career 
  • Access to our extensive streamer network to help guide, shape, and cultivate you on your path
  • Join a company powered by the community, where your voice has input and matters.
  • Join completely for free!

Over 300+ content creators trust us with their branding worldwide

Be apart of a movement!

Geeks Unleashed is more than a clothing company its a movement. Our owner started this company with one goal in mind. To make it as easy as possible for content creators to grow and earn doing what they love. We provide numerous opportunities for growth as a content provider.


Rebel Studio is our partnered design studio to handle all of your design needs. They offer a wide variety of services to accommodate you. From Logo and Overlay designs to custom Web Sites and Business Consultations, they can bring a new level of professionalism to your brand.

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Why join our team?

Geeks Unleashed is a one stop central service provider and sponsorship for streamers / content creators. 

100% free to join

Did we mention it is free to join?...Well, it is! What are you waiting for?

Brand globalization

We ship all around the globe! You are not limited to who or where your products go.

Community Powered

Our streamers earn majority of the profits from sales. We rely on our community to shape and mold us to be the best!

100% free to join

No start-up fees
More money to you

Brand globalization

Ship your products worldwide

Stress free

Stress-free environment.

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