Welcome To Geeks Unleashed!

Joining Geeks Unleashed

As a streamer you grind endlessly to provide unique content and seperate yourself from the crowd. You are on the cusp of creating a brand unlike any that have been seen before and now you are ready to translate your brand into into a clothing line. Just like you we aim to not be like any other merchandise company. Our dream is to turn your brand not into just merch but a clothing brand that matches your unique stream.

What are the steps?

To get started we ask that you read through this page. We want you to make sure you feel that we are the right choice for you. This page gives you a brief understanding of our company and how we operate. At the end you will find a link. Please click on that link and fill out the form, and thats it! We review the forms twice a month and will notify you by the email you inputed into the form. 

Your merch grows as your brand grows!

We operate on a tier system that has proven to work and scales with your growth. No matter what tier you are in you get to chose what items are in your collection (Trust us....theres alot of choices) each tier has unique items that can be added to your collection once reaching that specific tier. With this tier system you get to see what items people are wanting your brand to have and what items are not needed (every collection is different and so are the communities they are intended for). You move up the scale by time with the company, sales from your clothing line, and recruitment of your streaming friends into our company. Because our services are free to use when joining (why pay to have your own clothing line?) we take a small portion of profit made from the merchandise sales until you reach Brand Ambassador. Brand Ambassadors are the face and backbone of our company they are always helping us grow by being the voice of their communities, which in turn makes them grow their brand further. No matter what tier you are you are apart of a family that cares about your brand and wants nothing but success for you. 

What do I have to do?

Our onboarding process is very simple (Average time is 10mins or less) once in our network you will submit your logos as per the instructions in our onboarding email, as well as the items you want in your collections. Don't have a logo? No problem! We have partnered with many designers that will help you with your brand and giving you a unique logo that speaks not only to you, but your community. 

Once you completed that logo submition process its time to let us work our magic. We create, scale, customize and perfect your unique clothing brand. And VOILA! Your fashion brand is live and on our site!

My collection is live, what now?

Simple! Share it with your community! What good is a collection of your amazing items if noone can appreciate it? 


Excellent! You worked hard and you sold an item from your collection, what now? Everything! Once an order comes in we submit the items to our printers who will print the item, double quality check, and package it all up. We then ship using multiple shipping vendors to provide the fastest times possible. All items are print to order and specially made for each customer (some say they can feel the love when they open their package).  

Show me THE MONEY!

You know whats better then not paying someone to make your merchandise? Getting paid for the items that get sold! We pay out everyone on the 15th for the previous months sales. 

Whats the catch?

Nothing, we take care of everything from inventory management, customer satifaction, sourcing new products etc. And its free! All we ask in return is that when your collection is live you put one of our many stream logos on your overlay during streaming and add your collection link to your live description. If you like our work and want to refer a friend we would be glad to take them. 

Unleash Your Inner Geek!

Yay! You made it. We know that was alot but now you have a better understanding of our company and are ready to submit your applictaion form. Please click on the link here to be redirtected to our application form. https://zfrmz.com/UeAnFxNo20PxnvkrvoBA


Happy Hunting!