Get To Know The Team

Owner- Graham Fulmer 
I started Geeks Unleashed around October of 2019 I was in school for Graphic Design and Web Development at the time but wanted to do more. I am a full time father of two wonderful and beautiful boys, a full time husband, and full time business owner.  
Social Media & Customer Relations Manager- Teaslayer
I've been with the team since August, 2020. I'm an IT Professional, originally I worked as a fiber optic/ satellite services technician and have begun pursuing a career in cyber security over the past year. I've been streaming RPG and Fighting games for about 2 years and always try to surround myself with the most positive people I can. I'm more than happy that I have a chance to be a part of such an awesome team of talented individuals as well as being a part of some amazing communities.
Head Designer of Geeks Unleashed
I am the digital designer for Geeks Unleashed and its content creator family. I love to create new designs and Animations every Single Day and make my our clients brand soar to nother level . I am really so blessed having such amazing people around me like you :blush: , yes you!
Hi, I'm a software engineer with a associate degree on math and an associate degree in physics, means the technology is what I love the most. But I also do many things for a hobby, I even used to be a Model for CK, but resigned after knowing the sexual harrasing, abusive and how saturated the modeling career can be on a proffesional level. One of the many other things I love doing is making music, but mainly is being a very passionate, creative and imaginative 3D modeler; that also includes being a game designer and a game developer at the same time. I started at the young age of 8 doing programing, my parents would go to the theater which was couple stores behind the library I always loved going. I would ask them to just give me a couple 'bucks' so I don't get kicked out of borders, and so I could keep reading at old programming books. I would just sit and lurk around in the old famous library of Borders at my hometown back in the days, for hours. My parents would prefer to take me to MCDonalds and force me to get out of the play area rather than going into borders, finding me and removing me almost by force from the place. Never though something that was my hobby and still my passion, was going to be unfolded into being my career and my profession. Now I do streaming for fun and for eventually moving on into the big leagues while I game develop and design for a living.